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About Us

The Anguilla Sailing Club provides kids and adults with the experience and skills to last the rest of their lives. We also ensured that the great Anguilla sailing tradition lives on in the new generations of sailors, with many of our graduates sailing on local boats.


Assuring every child has a chance to learn sailing is our primary purpose. Therefore, our policy is not to turn away any student who desires to learn sailing, has good behavior, and is willing to put forward the necessary effort. Approximately 70 percent of our students are on scholarships and pay no fees. 

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Our Story

In 2003, the Anguilla Sailing Association was founded by a group of volunteers who had one central purpose: to teach Anguilla's sailing, arguably the national sport, to the young boys and girls of Anguilla. The ASA was registered under the Friendly Societies Act on the 25th of August, 2003, and is a member of the Caribbean Sailing Association, the U.S. Optimist Dinghy Association, and an Associate Member of World Sailing.


To fund the AYSC, the Association first founded the Anguilla Regatta, an annual event that began in May of 2004. This Regatta, and the ones that followed, generated enough support from the sailing community and the government that the AYSC was able to be founded in July of 2006. 

To date, the sailing instruction program has trained more than 450 boys and girls between the ages of three and seventeen. The skill levels range from beginners to competitive racers, and they sail various boats that each require specific skills. Not only has sailing been taught, but swimming also,  a valuable skill for everyone, especially sailors. Through the efforts of our professional directors, the lessons are taught in a productive team environment where the students learn sailing skills, teamwork, and racing tactics, and care for and maintain their equipment.

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